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Mobando: loose spanish translation; MOBBING!!!
Salsa, Hip-hop, funk, other dancey things

Mobando… Founded by keyboardist Benezra Tergis in March of ’14, the group has already amassed an extensive repertoire of originals and covers in the Cuban tradition of dance music. Timba, hip-hop, and Cumbia are other musical contrasts that when blended together make this ensembles sound as at home with either a traditional salsa dancing crowd, or anyone looking for an urban flavor. Other members include Raul Peralez, Mike Scartezina, and Julian Fritz who along with bandleader Tergis are either current or past members of bands Los Rakas, Albino, Afromassive, Rumbache, and many many more. 

Contact 415 999 6405 @mobandomusic #mobando

Contact: 415 999 6405